10 Lines on Save Water for Students and Kids । Save Water Essay in English 10 Lines

10 Lines on Save Water for Students and Kids: Water is a very important element. It is futile to imagine life without water. The level of contaminated water is increasing on the earth and the level of potable water is decreasing.

Continuous depletion of potable water is a matter of great concern, to avoid this it is very important for us to conserve water. Save Water Essay in english often comes in the form of essay in schools. That’s why today we have come before you with a “10 line essay on water conservation”. In this article you will read ’10 lines on Save Water in English’.

10 Lines on Save Water for Students and Kids SET 1

10 Lines on Save Water for Students and Kids

Save Water Essay in English 10 Lines

1. Water is very important for life on earth.

2. About 71% of the earth is covered by water. Out of which potable water is available only 3%.

3. Because of water all the farming, trees and plants flourish.

4. We also use water for cooking, bathing, washing clothes etc.

5. We should close the water tap properly after using it. So that water is not wasted.

6. To save water, we should not throw garbage in rivers, ponds and lakes.

7. Due to lack of water it is also responsible for pollution, global warming etc.

8. Without water any fertile land becomes barren.

9. Bucket and mug should be used instead of pipe to wash the vehicle. So that water can be saved.

10. We should understand the importance of water in our life and do everything possible to save water.

10 Lines on Save Water for Students and Children in English SET 2

Hello friends, welcome to another interesting blog post. Today in this post you will get information about 10 Lines on Save Water in English for Class Students and Some Lines or Few Lines about Save Water in English. After reading the article completely, you will know many things about saving water. So, let’s begin…

10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English
10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English

Save Water Save Life 10 Lines

1. Water is very important in our life.

2. Life is not possible without water.

3. We use it for many of our works.

4. Water is very essential for the survival of all living beings.

5. The process of protecting this water from contamination and destruction is called water conservation.

6. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

7. We should conserve water and avoid contamination.

8. There is very less amount of potable water on the earth.

9. Open and flowing water should be closed and water should not be polluted.

10. Factories and companies should be banned from contaminating water.

10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English SET 3

Today we will write 10 lines on Save Water in English. Friends, this 10 point is written for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 students.

We all know the importance of water, but unfortunately we do not appreciate it. Today the earth is covered with 70% water, out of which only 1% is usable. Today we will learn about how water can be saved. Friends, it is important to save water, because we have to use water for almost all the works.

In such a situation, if we do not save water, then our future generations will have to face a huge water problem. By saving water, we save both energy and money. If you pump water out of a well with a motor, it consumes energy and you have to pay for that energy.

So at least for these things we should save water. So let’s now know 10 things by which you can save water. In today’s article, we have included all the important information in 10 lines. So without wasting much time let us know how water can be saved.

10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English

Few Lines on Save Water

1- Water is very important for life on earth, without water life on earth cannot exist.

2- To save water, we can take measures at our home, in which you can fix all the leaking taps and pipe lines in your house.

3- We should close the tap properly after using it, because many times we close the tap incompletely due to which a lot of water gets wasted.

4- When we use water to cook vegetables, we should use as much water as we need.

5- Many of you will be fond of taking a shower, so it is important that you use a shower that uses less water.

6- If you have a garden at home, use a jug to water it, this will save water.

7- Whenever you go to wash clothes in the washing machine, use the full limit of the washing machine at such times. Wash as many clothes as can be washed in them at one time.

8- Most of the water is used for the toilet, so use water carefully in the toilet.

9- The easiest way to save water is to collect rain water.

10- To use water properly, it is necessary to find out how much water you need, after that you have to decide the limit of using water using water meter.

10 Lines on Save Water for Class 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 SET 4

Hello friends, today we will write 10 Lines On Save Water In English Language Have gone

You can also read more essays on our website. The video of this 10 Lines is given below. Friends, water is so precious. It probably does not need to be told, yet people waste water. Today there is very little water left. Due to which water crisis has arisen.

What happens if there is no water for one day? Everyone knows this, yet people do not understand how important water is, so today you will know from the article of 10 lines on water, so let’s start.

10 Lines on Save Water in English

1- Earth is the only such planet in the universe. Where water is present. Life is not possible on earth without water.

2- We can start saving water from our home. The leakages of taps and pipes in the house should be repaired.

3- After filling the vessel with water, close the tap properly because sometimes due to not closing the tap properly, a lot of water gets wasted little by little.

4- Instead of washing the vegetables under the tap, wash them in a utensil and use that water in the trees and plants, so that there will be no need to water the plants and trees separately.

5- If you like to take a bath in the bathroom, then install a fountain that consumes less water and if you take a bath with a bucket, then use a small jug.

6- If you have a garden and you are fond of watering, then use a watering can for this, which will save water.

7- Water harvesting is the best way to save water. For this, keep the roof clean and collect rain water and use it daily in Marra works.

8- Toilets waste more water than flush and bucket. For this, use a toilet with less water.

9- Get an automatic water alarm installed in the water tank on the roof of the house, which automatically shuts off as soon as the water is filled.

10- Maximum wastage of water is in vehicle washing and house cleaning, so use cloth wipes for vehicle washing and house cleaning.

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Write 10 Lines on Save Water Save Life SET 5

10 Lines On Save Water in English – Hello friends! Welcome to our website Hindidrive.com. Today we will talk about saving water in this article. At present, people are over-exploiting water. People are wasting water. Using more water than necessary. Water is essential for all living beings on earth, without it no living being can exist.

Similarly, wastage of water will prove to be very fatal in the coming future, that is why today we have made people aware of saving water by writing an article on 10 Lines On Save Water in English. This saving secures our future generations. We have to save drinking water in maximum quantity. We can save water by collecting rain water also. Below we have written 10 lines on Save Water in English, 10 lines on save water, you must read it.

Save Water Paragraph 10 Lines

1- Water is essential for all living beings on earth. Life cannot be imagined without it.

2- Drinking water is available in very less quantity on the earth. The future generations may be deprived of this.

3- Every human being should save water, many steps are being taken to save water.

4- Water can be saved by collecting rain water. Rain water can be collected by making small ponds.

5- The use of water should be reduced to clean the vehicle.Vehicles can also be cleaned with a wet cloth instead of water.

6- To wash the vegetables, a tub can be filled with water and two or more can be put in it. And that water can be poured into trees and plants.

7- Use bucket full of water instead of shower for bath.

8- Make people aware about the importance of water and to save rain water.

9- Prevent harmful substances coming out of industrial factories from mixing in rivers and ponds.

10- To save water, don’t leave the taps open and get the damaged ones fixed soon.

5 Lines on Save Water English

1. Life is impossible without water. Without it no living being can survive.

2. Only 3% of water is available for drinking on the earth.

3. We use water for many other things apart from drinking.

4. We should close the water tap properly after using it.

5. We should store rain water and use it for other purposes.


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