10 Lines on Pollution for Students in English | Pollution Essay 10 Lines

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Pollution Essay 10 Lines SET 1

10 Lines on Pollution for Students in English
10 Lines on Pollution for Students in English

10 Lines on Pollution for Students in English

1- Nowadays, due to increasing modernity, the amount of pollution has increased a lot.

2- Due to the excessive development of factories, the amount of air pollution has increased a lot, due to which the common man is worried.

3- Clean air is not available due to the cutting or destruction of trees and plants, due to which the level of pollution increases.

4- Water pollution has also increased to a great extent due to the dumping of household waste in the rivers.

5- Due to increasing pollution, many types of diseases are arising, which are becoming difficult to treat.

6- Due to the destruction of trees, plants and forests, the ground water level is decreasing.

7- Nature is getting polluted by throwing garbage everywhere.

8- Buildings like Taj Mahal are losing their existence due to the polluted gases coming out of the factories.

9- Due to increasing pollution, the amount of poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide in the atmosphere is continuously increasing.

10- To prevent time pollution, trees should be planted at different places so that cleanliness remains in the atmosphere and pollution can be reduced.

10 Lines on Pollution for Students and Children in English SET 2

Pollution is a big problem. Everyone knows this problem but very few people understand its seriousness. Pollution Essay in English often comes in the form of essay in schools. That’s why today we have come in front of you with “10 line essay on pollution”. In this article you will read “10 Lines on Pollution in English”.

10 Lines on Pollution Easy
10 Lines on Pollution Easy

10 Lines on Pollution Easy

1- Pollution is a man-made problem that the whole world is grappling with.

2- In the name of human development on earth, waste material which is very harmful, works to spread pollution.

3- There are many types of pollution which are as follows: water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution are the main ones.

4- Humans and other creatures of the earth are also affected by the side effects of pollution.

5- Nowadays, many new diseases are developing in the world only because of pollution.

6- Due to the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, diseases like cancer are increasing.

7- The availability of potable water is gradually decreasing.

8- Pollution is also the cause of increase in global temperature.

9- The hole in the ozone layer which prevents the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays is also a result of pollution.

10- To prevent pollution, we have to plant more trees, reduce pollution in the name of vehicles and industries and work to revive nature.

10 Lines Speech on Pollution for Students in English SET 3

10 Lines on Pollution for Students and Children in English – Pollution is a global phenomenon, so every country should be serious about it. It would be a mistake to underestimate its consequences and not act on it together. Pollution can be a threat to life anywhere and everywhere, so we must deal with it with determination and together.

Environmental Pollution Essay in English

10 Lines Essay About Pollution

1- Pollution is the most serious threat to the whole world.

2- Pollution has destroyed all the natural resources provided to us by God without any cost.

3- Human is the main reason for pollution increasing so fast.

4- Pollution has engulfed the whole world in a very short time.

5- Pollution is always harmful for all living beings.

6- Pollution causes many serious diseases like cancer, asthma, skin diseases, chest pain and death.

7- We still have time to recover from the damage caused to the environment and nature.

8- The uncontrolled behavior of humans towards the ecosystem is the main source of pollution.

9- Tree plantation, keeping water resources clean, banning the use of plastic are effective ways to reduce pollution.

10- Single damage to nature will come back as multiple damages to human beings.

10 Lines on Pollution for Class 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 SET 4

10 Lines on Environmental Pollution in English | 10 sentences on pollution | Preventing pollutants is important for human health and the environment. This causes harmful effects on human health, especially the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Pollution also damages plants and buildings. Pollutants come from car and truck exhaust, factories, dust, pollen, mold spores, volcanoes, and wildfires.

Take these additional steps to reduce pollution: Reduce or eliminate the use of fireplaces and wood stoves Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment Reduce the number of trips you make in your car Reduce, avoid burning of leaves, garbage and other materials, etc. Let us know, 10 sentences on pollution.

10 Lines on Pollution in English

1. Environmental pollution is mainly of three types, which include air, water and noise pollution.

2. Environmental pollution means the contamination of natural resources due to some factor.

3. Waste from factories and homes, and entering dirty water sources cause water pollution

4. Smoke coming out of motor vehicles and factories is one of the main causes of air pollution.

5. Due to increasing environmental pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly, due to which global warming is increasing.

6. Due to the increase in environmental pollution, there has been a rapid decline in the number of species of animals and birds.

7. Due to the chemicals used in agriculture, heavy pollution of the land has also increased. Today there has been a significant decrease in the fertilizer capacity of the land.

8. Deforestation is one of the main reasons for environmental pollution, so we should plant more trees around.

9. Due to increasing environmental pollution, lakhs of people are falling prey to new diseases and losing their precious lives.

10. To keep our future safe, there is a need to be aware of pollution, and the resources should be used sparingly.

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10 Lines Speech on Pollution for Students SET 5

10 Lines Speech on Pollution for Students in English: As fast as man is touching the heights of development by establishing his supremacy on this earth, as fast as he is suppressing this earth under the burden of pollution. Along with nature, all living beings are also being affected by pollution. Pollution control is emerging as a challenge for all the countries around the world today.

Our day to day increasing needs are the reason for increasing pollution. The way new factories and mills are being established day by day, in the same way pollution is also establishing itself in the form of many diseases.

10 Lines On Pollution In English

1- December 1-2 has been declared as Pollution Control Day.

2- Pollution proves to be extremely harmful to our health.

3- Noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. are the types of pollution.

4- Water pollution is caused by the release of chemical substances coming out of factories in rivers and ponds.

5- Loudspeakers of temples, mosques cause noise pollution.

6- The plastic bags used by us also cause pollution.

7- The smoke coming out of the chimneys of vehicles and factories causes air pollution.

8- Air pollution causes many types of respiratory diseases.

9- Noise pollution causes many diseases of the ears.

10- The problem of pollution is present in all the countries around the world.

FAQ: Environmental Pollution Essay in English

What is pollution?

The defect in the natural balance caused by the entry of pollutant substances in the environment is called ‘pollution’.

How many types of pollution are there?

There are many types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution and light pollution.

What is the solution to end pollution?

Less use of fossil fuels, tree plantation, and normal and disciplined living are some of the many ways to reduce and eliminate pollution.


10 Lines on Pollution for Students and Children in English: Due to the increasing unnecessary needs and carelessness of the growing population, the level of pollution has reached its stage limit. Today some or the other waste material comes out of any item we use and ultimately this waste material causes pollution in some form or the other.

Today all mankind should use anything in its proper quantity to save this nature from pollution. Everyone has to understand their responsibilities towards this nature only then they will be able to save themselves from this huge crisis of pollution.

Friends, I hope that after reading today’s article 10 Lines on Pollution for Students and Children in English, Short Essay on Pollution in English, Environmental Pollution Essay in English, you will get an idea about the effects of pollution and the problems caused by it on nature. I must have got to know.

In today’s time, it is the responsibility of all of us to make everyone aware about this danger and only fulfill our needs.

As much as we live a normal life and do not harm the nature, only then the solution to this problem can be found somewhere.

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