10 Lines on My Mother for Students in English | My Mother Essay 10 Lines

Do you also love your mother like me and looking for Essay on My Mother10 Lines on My Mother for Students in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. Then you are at the right place.

Students are often given the task of writing about their mothers. But sometimes they cannot write properly. Today in this post, we have prepared some sets of Essay and 5 & 10 Lines on My Mother in English.

This will definitely help you write about your mother with ease. And we hope you like it. Come on, let’s start.

10 Lines on My Mother for Students in English SET 1

10 Lines On My Mother In English
10 Lines On My Mother In English

My Mother Essay 10 Lines

1- My mother’s name is Pooja Nayak.

2- He is very polite and kind.

3- She takes care of my family.

4- My mother is my first teacher.

5- He is my God for me.

6- She always listens to me.

7- My mother helps me to solve my problems.

8- She loves me and protects me.

9- She teaches me good habits.

10- I like my mother.

My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines SET 2

my mother essay in english 10 lines: Today we are talking about mother. Yes, it is a very small word to say but the whole world is included in it. Mother’s status in the world is higher than God because even God bows his head before mother.

I have written some sentences for mother, reading which tears will come from your eyes. I don’t know how mother manages to hide her pain and live.

Mother wears a torn saree and sews new clothes for her children. Only she knows how a mother makes her children’s dreams come true by putting her life in misery. No one knows more than a mother how she fights with anyone to protect her children.

10 Lines On My Mother In English
10 Lines On My Mother In English

My Mother 10 Lines

1. Mother is the form of God on earth.

2. The most precious thing in the world is “Mother”.

3. If anyone loves you the most in the world, it is your mother.

4. If there is anyone most beautiful in the world, then it is “Mother”.

5. Beyond all the sorrows, there is heaven at the feet of the mother.

6. “Mother” has the power to forgive even after committing lakhs of mistakes.

7. A mother can leave her own dreams and do anything for the success of her children.

8. Even in bad times, when everyone leaves us, mother’s blessings always remain with her children.

9. When the child gets a little unwell, the “mother” takes the entire house on her head.

10. The world longs for mother’s love.

10 Lines on My Mother for Students and Children in English SET 3

My mother speech 10 lines: Hello friends, welcome to our website 10lineson.com. Friends, mother is very close to everyone’s heart. Everyone loves their mother very much. Because a mother takes care of her child the most. No one else can take the place of mother. Mother is the first teacher of the child.

Mother’s Day in India is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. That is why today we have brought a 10 sentence essay on mother. This essay is very useful for children of all classes. We hope that you will definitely like this essay.

my mother essay in english 10 lines

My Mother Essay in English 10 Lines

1- My mother’s name is Sangeeta Devi, she is very sweet and intelligent.

2- His age is 35 years.

3- My mother loves all of us children very much.

4- She takes very good care of all the members in the house.

5- My mother prepares all of us children for school in the morning, and feeds us with love.

6- She also helps us with the school homework.

7- My mother does all the housework, and takes care of everyone’s needs.

8- Mother plays with us in the evening, and tells us new stories at night.

9- My mother also scolds us for our mischief.

10- We love our mother very much.

My Mother Essay in English for Class 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 SET 4

A mother is a term given to a person who sacrifices and prioritizes the well-being, growth, development and well-being of her children throughout her life. A mother not only gives birth to a child or children but also makes a lifelong commitment to love, care for the child or children and show dedication and devotion without any preconditions or conditions.

10 Lines On My Mother In English: Mothers play an important role in every person’s life as she plays the role of a protector, a friend as well as a disciplinarian. A mother is a selfless, loving human being whose warmth, sacrifice and love knows no bounds. In this essay on my mother, I am going to talk about my mother and the reasons why she holds a special place in my heart. Apart from the essay on my mother, we have broken the essay into paragraphs to help you prepare the speech on my mother topic.

My Mother Essay for Class 1 to 10

1- My mother is my best friend and the best mother in the world.

2- Her name is Anjali and she is very responsible for us.

3- She stays at home and takes care of the household work.

4- She helps me every time.

5- She cooks very tasty food.

6- She helps me complete my school homework.

7- She cares for us a lot and loves us a lot.

8- My mother says that we should respect everyone.

9- She never beats me but sometimes she scolds me.

10- I love my mother very much.

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10 Lines on My Mother in Hindi

My Mother Essay in English / My Mother Essay 10 Lines SET 5

10 Lines On My Mother In English: In this article, we have provided here 10 sentences on my mother in English. This is the best place for you. My mother is a simple woman.

She is my super hero. He supported and encouraged me at every step of my life. The role of a mother is unique and the most precious moments of our life. My mother is the most important person in my life. My mother is my biggest inspiration who introduced me to achieve my goals. My mother is a very good person.

10 Sentences on My Mother in English

1- My mother wakes up early every morning and does puja.

2- My mother does all the household work.

3- My mother sleeps only after putting me to sleep.

4- My mother is not educated but always encourages me to read and write.

5- My mother is full of all virtues, she is a teacher and also a doctor.

6- When I fall ill, my mother takes care of me by printing at night.

7- My mother takes care of my family with great love.

8- My mother lives as a child with the children and as a daughter with the elders.

9- My mother is my world to me.

10- My mother can do anything for me.

5 Lines On My Mother In English

1- My mother is my best friend with whom I share all my things and can talk openly on any matter.

2- She is a great person who cares for me, thinks about me and wants to protect me from all the problems.

3- She is always concerned about my health and food.

4- My mother is an important link in the family which connects all the members of the family.

5- She takes care of all the family members, and she knows the needs and wants of every member very well.

FAQ: 10 Lines On My Mother In English

Q. What do mothers symbolize?

ANS. It is no secret that a mother embodies characteristics like patience, kindness, forgiveness, honesty and a special unconditional love that has no parallel with anyone else.

Q. Mention a famous quote on mothers?

ANS. There was a famous quote by Napoleon when he claimed that good mothers make a nation great.

Q. Why did Vivekananda say that women’s education is necessary for the development of society?

ANS. Swami Vivekananda was one of the few people who understood the importance of female education in the earlier Indian society because irrespective of gender a child is always influenced by his mother as it is the mother who nurtures them. Therefore, to make a society easily educated and advanced, one has to start with proper education of the girl child.


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